Ready To Rent Out Your Space?

Let Us Take care of everything

Hey Homeowner

You own a property and you are ready to rent it out.

You’ve been dreaming of that sweet passive rental income hitting your bank account, but the process of screening and managing tenants is more stressful than you imagined. This not-so-passive income has become a headache.

Perhaps you’ve tried hiring a traditional property management company. However, that still leaves the pressure on you to ensure your place is being well taken care of and tenant payments are secured.

Let Us Help You.


How It Works in 4 Simple Steps

We Do More

We find, screen, and maintain high quality tenants at no additional cost to the owner.

No emergency calls about plumbing issues at 2am. Get some sleep.

We take care of it all so you can relax and collect that passive rental income you originally dreamed of.

  • On-time rent payments
  • Manage all utilities and setup
  • Professionally design and furnish your space
  • Provide outstanding care and maintenance of your home